Quality Policy

  Hernandez Blueprinting Services, LLC will perform on-time, defect free work that     will consistently exceed our customer requirements.

  We will also strive to implement continuous improvements in our processes that     will provide valued added services to our customers, and surpass our company     objectives.

  We are committed to the above statement, and it is understood and     implemented throughout Hernandez Blueprinting Services, LLC.

  We believe that quality service is the most important product we offer, and we     practice positive, customer centric attitude.

  We use HBS_PlanRoom to facilitate, and provide timely quality reprographics     services to our customers.

  We always foresee, meet and exceed our customers' needs and requirements.

  We have quality professionals to handle our hi-tech equipment and services.

  We are well equipped to establish better communication with our customers and     will always search for ways to improve.

  We follow safety regulations to keep our work area safe for our employees.

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